The Summer Situation

Ahhhh the summer season is here in full swing…..with these new warmer temperatures, and the new season, comes a new goal to look and feel our very best. It’s what we do; We want to lose ten pounds, we need a fresh haircut, and we have to go shopping for the newest summer essentials, of course not excluding the hottest Lauren B. summer bights for your nails. I see this season as a chance to really show off not only my perfect manicure but my pedicure too—– hello sandals!


I encourage you to experiment with bright colors this season… I love our NEW Summer 2015 collection because they remind me of everything that is the definition of an iconic LA summer- fresh, bright and screaming pool party! So fall in love and find a bold and beautiful shade that is maybe a little out of your comfort zone. It is the time to show off your best accessories to compliment your summer glow.

If you are like me you love to maximize your outdoor time especially during this season. However, I am here to tell you that painting your nails is a project for inside! I have heard from many of you, that painting your nails in the summer can be a challenge. I want to share a few tips on why this is true, and how to make it easier so your nails look flawless. When the sun comes out and the temperatures get warmer (and often drier) than usual, painting your own nails becomes more difficult. This is because the hot temperatures make your polish warm up in the bottle, and often get goopy and messy. As soon as your brush comes out of the bottle, the polish on the end starts to dry before it hits your nails and before you know it your nails are uneven and there’s no time to fix the damage. As you can see this can be a mess and nobody deserves a manicure that doesn’t meet the summer standard. For a top notch summer proof Mani/Pedi I’ve created 5 Lauren B. Tips to follow that will help your nails be glossy and smooth all summer long.

1. Never do your nails “under the sun” aka apply your color in a cooler place preferably indoors and then go get your UV rays on after you’ve allotted at least an hour to dry (wearing sunscreen of course).

2. Avoid polishing on humid days; too much heat can prevent the polish from drying completely.

3. Apply thinner coats of polish. Thick coats are just asking to get smudged.

4. TAKE YOUR TIME! I know… I always have somewhere to be as well, but our nails deserve at least 10 min to look just right. Don’t skimp on your Lauren B. Nail Perfecter Base coat and Gel like top coat, both will extend the life of your manicure so you can be carefree and spend your time by the beach.

5. Be bold and have some fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re not doing it right!

Any other tips, questions, etc? Send them over my way- But for now, go grab your favorite color to get started. I can’t wait to see them, don’t forget to share your creations using #ILoveLBB! Stay tuned for more Lauren B. tips and don’t forget to stay beautiful!

XX – Lauren B.