Lauren B Beauty New Year New Resolutions 2018

New Year New Resolutions

New year, new you!! Studies show that starting a new habit or breaking an old one is most effective when you start at a point in time that has a clear new beginning. What better new beginning is there than the start of a brand new year? Here we come 2018!

Setting resolutions that are attainable and maintainable are the key to success, and when it comes to your health, we have a few suggestions that you can start doing right now and easily keep up with in the future. To start with, attitude is essential. Rather than telling yourself, you’re eliminating something from your regimen or that you’re cutting bad habits, try thinking in positive terms. For example, rather than saying “I’m no longer going to use unhealthy products,” instead say to yourself “I am going to start using healthier products.” While it seems too simple to be true, this method really does trick your brain into thinking you’re gaining something, rather than leaving you with a sense of loss or deprivation.

Lauren B Beauty Model New Year

Next, put visual reminders in place to keep up your motivation and remember your goal! Post-it notes, refrigerator magnets, phone reminders, etc. are all super easy, quick ways to help yourself stay connected to your end goal. If you want to get creative with your reminders and achieve a goal of using healthier products at the same time, paint your nails with a fun Lauren B color or make a cool pattern for a constant daily reminder of your resolutions! Seeing your fun, healthy nails throughout the day is an awesome way to stay on top of your goals, and remember that you’re already achieving one at the same time. Of course, all of our beauty products are healthy for your body, so layering your routine with our botanical nail care products will kick your new healthy routine up another notch.

Another awesome way to stay committed to your goals is to pick a partner to keep you accountable! Starting a friendly competition with a pal to see who can reach the finish line first (for whatever your goal may be), or who can keep it up the longest can make a new goal exciting, especially if there’s a fun prize at the end of the line. Be sure to pick someone who will be as committed as you, and help you push toward your goal! Having someone there to make changes with together can make your goal feel more meaningful, fun, and important to stick to.

Whatever your New Year’s goal, whether it be to get healthy, get crafty, or whatever you imagine, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you make Lauren B a part of your new you!

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