Nails Inspired by Spago Beverly Hills

If you have not heard of the world famous name, Wolfgang Puck, you don’t know what you’re missing. Among his many worldwide locations, Spago Beverly Hills is especially outstanding with receiving the AAA Four Diamond Award, and is one of three restaurants to win two stars in the Michelin Guide- Los Angeles edition. Spago’s farm- to-table menu design sets it apart from many LA hotspots making it very popular with celebrity A-listers. Like many things we Angelenos expect nothing but the best when it comes to food and Spago delivers this experience every time. After a recent visit to Spago I came up with another fun nail art design based off the Carrera marble they have at the entrance and among the decor in the restaurant. Using Lauren B’s HollywoodLand, Greystone Grey, and LA smog creates the perfect combination to capture this marble and all its beauty. This manicure is so versatile, it’ll go with any look, and it looks especially cute as an accent nail.


Step 1: Apply one coat of our Nail perfecter or Dual Base/Top Coat. Let dry for 1-2 min.

Step 2: Apply two coats of our white polish, HollywoodLand, and let dry for 3-4 min.

spago 2

Step 3: Grab a small sandwich bag and crumple, then apply a small amount of our Greystone Grey to the bag. Gently dab the painted bag lightly onto nail until desired marble design is reached. Let dry for 1-2 min.

spago 3

Step 4: Next fill a small cup with room temperature water. Apply 4 droplets of LA Smog to water. Then apply one spray of hairspray to the paint (I used Philip B’s Jet Set hairspray), but any hairspray will do. Lastly dip nail on the area of the design you like best. Let dry for 2-3 min.

spago 4

Step 5: Apply Lauren B’s Gel-Like Top Coat for long lasting shine.

spago 5