Nails Inspired by Froyo at Pinkberry

In recent years, frozen yogurt has become a new fad in Los Angeles for desserts. More specifically the iconic Pinkberry, that was created in our very own West Hollywood, and is known for their unique flavors and fresh toppings. In honor of our fellow LA-based company I decided to create a nail art design as fresh and creamy as two of my favorite flavor yogurts.  In this design we used two flavors, original tart and pomegranate as inspiration. I created a swirl pattern between our two Lauren B. colors City of Angles and HollywoodLand to closely look like the smooth delicious treat. This look can be fun for all nails or an accent nail depending on how daring you feel! Caution this nail art will make you crave a fresh serving of frozen yogurt for sure!



Step 1: Follow the Lauren B. Perfect Manicure located on the Lauren B. Beauty Blog at


Step 2: Use one coat of Hollywood land, our signature white color, and paint all nails. Let dry 1-2 min.



Step 3: You will need to use a cup (of water) to create the swirl design. Alternate putting 2 droplets of HollywoodLand and City of Angels into the water, then use a pointed object such as a toothpick to create swirl design. When finished making your swirl pattern gently place finger in water until completely submerged and leave for 30 seconds. while collecting the excess polish. Take finger out of water and let dry for 1-2 min. Tip, put Vaseline on your cuticles around the nail to repel any excess polish, this will make cleanup a bit easier.



Step 4: Use an old makeup brush or Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean off the excess polish from your skin.


Step 5: Finish off with one coat of our Gel-Like Top Coat. Let dry 3-5 min, and voila you’re nails are summer time ready.