Nails Inspired by Early Morning Rush Hour

If you live in LA you understand exactly what Early Morning Rush Hour means. It means waking up 2 hours early to go 15 miles, and for the most part that is completely normal. Traffic is a part of LA culture. Unlike many other cities it almost impossible to use another other type of transportation other than a car because of the way the city is spread out. It is not secret information either; in fact it’s something we are known around the world for. So, naturally on my way to work this morning I had a lot of time to think so I came up with another nail design featuring you guessed it, Rush Hour! For this design I used Lauren B. Coachella Valley Sun, LA Smog, and Hollywood Land. In order to make it resemble traffic, I made a grid using Hollywood Land and LA Smog and to accent it our Coachella Valley Sun. This manicure will have you embracing the Early Morning Rush Hour because in the end who wouldn’t want to live in such a fabulous city!


Step 1: Start with the either our Lauren B Nail Perfecter or Dual Base/Top Coat. Let dry for 1-2 min.

Step 2: Next apply 1-2 coats of our white polish, Hollywood Land and let dry for 3-4 min. When that is dry cut small strips of tape in order to create straight lines for your grid and lay them on your nail bed.


Step 3: Now paint the taped nail with LA Smog (You should only need one coat) Let dry for 2-3 min. Once it is dry remove the tape and you will have your grid.

Step 4: Next you will need to grab a small pointed brush (like this one from the local drugstore). Apply Coachella Valley Sun to the brush and draw a smooth horizontal and vertical line to the nail bed. Let dry for 1-2 min.

Step 5: Apply Gel-Like Top Coat to finish off your manicure. One of the great things about Lauren B is it dries so fast you won’t be late even with that morning traffic! PS: Just in case you were looking for some other fun and easy nail designs, we went a little crazy and came up with 1 or 2 extra… or 5. Enjoy your polish! :D