DIY Easter Eggs

DIY Tie Dye Indigo Faux Easter Eggs

Santorini Seduction Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Eggs using Santorini Seduction Nail Polish

DIY Tie Dye Indigo Faux Eggs – Using Santorini Seduction Nail Polish

Dying Easter eggs is one of my favorite past times and family traditions. Since I was kid we’ve always made an entire event out of dying Easter eggs. Now that I embrace the vegan lifestyle, and working in an industry saturated with color and inspiration, I wanted to play around with dying traditional FAUX Easter eggs in an untraditional way.

Our new Spring collection features Santorini Seduction – a deep sea blue. This color goes on clean and gives your nails a depth throughout the day and night. It was the perfect pick for this project.

Follow these easy steps for Easter eggs everyone will want to copy! This tutorial can be used on faux eggs.


**Pro Tip: use gloves… trust me on this one! But if you don’t have any the polish comes off easily with your Lauren B Beauty nail polish remover pads**

Step 1:

Fill a large bucket or Tupperware container with room temperature water. (Cold water doesn’t work as well; the polish will sink)

Step 2:

Spill droplets of polish into the water. Start with a few and work in more to create whichever look you desire.

Step 3:

Use a stick, chopstick or any device similar to swirl the polish around.

Step 4:

Dip the “egg” all the way in and gently remove promptly. You don’t need to let it sit in the water as you would with normal egg dying.

Step 5:

Remove and let dry on a rack or stable surface

Step 6:

Show em’ off!




DIY Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Eggs using Santorini Seduction Nail Polish

Check out Santorini Seduction and other fun Spring like colors here.

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