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lauren b color clutch

Check out how to store Lauren B. nail polish in a Color Clutch

As many of you may know we recently partnered with our friends at Color Clutch on an amazing giveaway on Instagram. In case you missed it check it out here. We quickly became obsessed with Color Clutch as a way to keep your polishes organized in a compact storage solution. We love it for its […]

7 free cover

We Are 7 Free!

As many of our loyal followers know, at Lauren B we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a more healthy, eco-friendly and beautiful alternative to many of the leading nail polish brands on the market. We are constantly working to develop the highest quality formulas to ensure easy access to products that are safe […]

Salon Safety cover

Know Your Salon Safety

As the number of salons in the US continues to grow rapidly, so do concerns related to unsanitary environments, unsafe products, and the potential harm associated with neglect in these important areas. Getting a routine manicure or pedicure can actually expose you to health hazards you likely hadn’t ever considered! What was once a simple […]

lauren b's do's and don'ts

Lauren B’s Do’s and Don’ts for Nail Polish Storage

You finally have a second to paint your nails, you sit down grab your nail supplies, look at every color you own and FINALLY decide on the perfect color. You start to open it and…IT WON’T OPEN! At this point you’ve tried everything, even Popeye couldn’t open this bottle after a can of spinach! Well, […]

LBB says Recycle


Did you know nail polish is supposed to be recycled? We all know the struggle of having to part ways with our favorite shade of nail polish. Maybe it is starting to get too thick to wear, or maybe your bottle is empty. You’ve tried thinners and every other trick in the book but you […]