Brides- March 8th 2018 interview with Lauren B.

Ready, Set, Match! Meet the Nail Color That Perfectly Complements Your Engagement Ring

By Jenn Sinrich Published on March 8, 2018

Just like choosing a wedding dress, selecting the right nail color for your big day is a personal process. Your hue should reflect you—that is, your style, wedding theme, venue, dress, and, last but most important, your ring.

You’ll want to choose something tasteful, something classic, and something you won’t regret decades down the line. Depending on the color of the band (be it rose gold, platinum, or white gold) and the stone (be it diamond, emerald, or sapphire), you might find that a certain shade of polish gives your ring the best chance to sparkle and shine.

To help guide you toward the best wedding-day nail color for you and your particular sparkler, we asked top technicians to share what they recommend for each and every engagement ring.

Round Wedding Ring

Round Wedding Ring


With this traditional-shape stone, you can go several ways, according to Lauren Berkovitz, the founder of Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture. For longer nails or a larger stone, she suggests keeping it classic with a neutral semisheer mauve like her Ceremony at Sunset shade, which is romantic and refined. “It has a touch of pearlescence, which gives the shade some extra dimension; warm, rosy undertones make it sexy and flattering on everyone.” If you have a simple setting for your round-shaped stone, she suggests a bolder accent color that’s seasonal, like a deep red or pink.

Try: Ceremony at Sunset, $18, Lauren B. Beauty

Ceremony At Sunset Droplet

Ceremony at Sunset


The rectangular shape of this ring naturally accentuates the cut in the stone and its clarity, explains Berkovitz. That’s why she suggests a classic and clean color like a sheer petal pink or neutral peach that leaves your nails gleaming, healthy, and natural looking. “If you want a pop of color, try a supersaturated cabernet hue or dark midnight with a hint of blue,” she says. She recommends against nail art or accents for this cut, as they can easily clash with this shape and the linear cuts.

Try: House of Blues, $18, Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B Beauty House Of Blues Droplet

House of Blues


“This shape screams fun!” says Berkovitz. “Be bold and daring with something exciting and out of the box that works well with your skin tone and season.” She suggests a teal or deep jewel-toned color that’s neither too light nor too dark for the fall and winter months, or a taupe or rose gold for the summer.

Try: Dancing Shoes, $18, Lauren B. Beauty

Dancing Shoes Droplet

Dancing Shoes

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